Martyn Dunn’s Logo Art

Outstanding Logo Art that guarantees you will attract attention.

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Impress customers with your logo artwork

Turn your logo into a stunning unique piece. An eye catcher for your office like no other before

Unique and abstract artwork

Variable painting techniques and design elements transform your logo into living art.

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Make your company logo inimitable

Martyn Dunn creates a unique work of art from your logo with his heart and soul. Precious and distinctive..
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Painted logo artwork

Drag the slider to the left or right to see the original logo and the logo artwork.

You can find more paintings in our gallery

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The Process

How it works

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Design consulting

During the initial meeting we will talk about your logo, your ideas, ask for missing information and reply to any open questions.
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Your artwork is created

Based on your logo, we will start by making a sketch, which will serve as a first visualization of the logo painting and will be refined until the final design is ready and you are fully satisfied. Your individual piece of art will be created.
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The painting will be shipped very well packed for arriving safely at your company.Your brand will shine as a masterpiece on the wall.
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Unique Logo Art 

About Martyn Dunn

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Welsh-born in Newport, I grew up close to Hamburg, Germany and honed my initial skills at old masterpieces of artwork.

At the age of 17, I returned to my place of birth as a backpacker and graduated a triennial study at the School of Visual Arts.

Along the way. I made a living with portraying tourists and having myself depicted for ages in large-scale paintings from classics like Da Vinci, Raffael and Holbein on british pedestrian precincts.

Being back in Northern Germany , while I was holding an everyday job for many years, my art always went along with me.

In exhibitions at home and abroad I visualized my artistry with abstract paintings, and likewise I transformed my passion into precise art with my portraits.

In 2020 I dedicated myself to painting and drawing full time as a freelancer.

With my company Logo Art I want to be creative by taking advantage of the entire spectrum of my skill.By making use of variable techniques of painting
I vitalize my artistry.

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Logo Artwork

Type of painting

1 to 1

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Your logo will be painted very close to the original. The background will be created artistically.


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Color gradients, paintsplashes and runs are used here. Your logo gets that certain look.

Industrial Look

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Your logo changes into a more abstract appearance in the lettering as well as in the background(e.g. with spatula effects).

Your Advantages

A real art painting of your brand


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Highest quality

High-quality colors from Winsor & Newton.

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100% handmade by Martyn Dunn

Hand drawn & exclusively for you!

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Real canvas in the desired format

Recommended size: 100 cm x 120 cm. Almost all sizes are available.

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Perfect for the office

Impress your customers live or in a video conference.

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Tax deductible expense

The purchase price can be claimed as a tax deductible expense.

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Express delivery possible

If you need your logo artwork extra fast.

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High quality colors
High quality colors of the brand Winson & Newton.
Real canvas

In your desired format

100% Handmade

by Martyn Dunn


Drawings & Painting

More artworks from Martyn Dunn


Commissioned work for any themes are possible on request.

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Frequently asked questions


What size should I choose?

This is as personalized as your logo.

Of course, it depends a lot on where the painting is going to be located later.

Small office or large conference room?

However, our recommended size of 100 cm X 120 cm already looks very impressive on the wall.

The best thing to do is to measure the spot you are planning to place your artwork and see what might be a good fit.


What is the present price of a logo artwork?

A unique logo artwork, painted by Martyn Dunn, starts from 900€

Your logo is one of a kind and so the price depends on the complexity, effort and size.


When will my painting arrive?

 Due to the complex work and a high demand, we currently need about 4 weeks

You can find more paintings in our gallery